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About Us

Image by Samuel C.

About the Founder

Pietro Di Meglio, owner and founder of our establishment, is a man that knows the quality of work ethic inside-out. Born and raised on the island of Ischia in southern Italy, Pietro has brought an authentic taste of Napoli to San Diego. After owning a successful operation for over four decades, he is humble about his beginnings and proud of how his establishment has remained strong over the years.

“Running this business has been rewarding. You meet some of the most interesting, yet greatest people coming from all different backgrounds- each with a story of their own.”


A La Mesa Favorite

For over 40 years, our establishment has provided fresh and authentic meals for all guests with the principle of treating all guests as a part of our family- a true Italian virtue.

Pietro's Bardins.png

Most of the dishes we serve are of Neapolitan inspiration with an occasional Northern-Italian dish mixed in. 

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